13 - 21 September 2020



There is no need to be a Champagne connoisseur to enjoy our trip to this area of France, as this absolutely top notch tour has so much to offer, whatever your passion may be.

We will make our way down to the vineyards of more than 3000  producers following the path of the river Marne in the glorious Champagne wine region of France, staying in a superb fully equipped hotel in the heart of the region and ideally situated as a central point for all tour activities. Here we will have garage parking for the bikes just to keep them comfortable too.



From here you have the option of visiting the vineyards of a local Vigneron, where you can see, feel and understand the knowledge required to cultivate the grape, and all the variations that he can apply. We follow the process through a winery with each part of the process explained, through cellars to bottling, and of course tasting the end result. We will also visit parts of the 100km of original cellars from one of the worlds most prestigious Champagne houses, where countless millions of bottles are aged while kept at year-round naturally constant temperatures as they have been for many centuries.


There are various routes available for those who wish including some really different places, through some beautiful world heritage scenery enjoying the vineyards, the landscape, the combinations of open roads, hillsides with the odd coffee stop.


For those that wish there are walks through some stunning countryside, and or visits to the village centres where you can stroll through local shops and patisseries before relaxing in a French café soaking up the atmosphere. Of course, you don’t have to go out exploring all the time, as there is also the option of utilising the Hotels sumptuous spa facilities and restaurant so indulging yourself might be just what is needed as well.


The tour has many options, so you can do your own thing, or join similarly minded others. We have put in place a tour for solo’s or couples where hopefully everyone can find pleasure and relaxation whether on the bike or off.


For the detailed itinerary CONTACT US 

Couple: price per person £2390
Solo sharing: per person £2790
Solo own room: per person £3590

Call 07908 906022/3 or email for more information or to book

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