3 - 13 May 2020



A ten night five-star tour for solo’s or couples around the sun-drenched hills and valleys of the Burgundy area where you choose the amount of riding and or relaxing to suit. You can visit some really wonderful attractions in the area, many within walking distance, or ride through some amazing countryside, or relax in the hotel and cafes, or a combination of all three.

There are more than 6000km of signed trails in the Burgundy region, waiting to be explored by bike, or on foot. We visit the area where wine has been produced for more than 2500 years, and currently in a very authentic way so that in many cases it is possible to put a face to the name on a bottle. Whether you are interested in wine or not, joining us on a bike tour through vineyards, forests, meadows, lakes, and rivers from the source of the Seine to the Loire, through Morvan natural park the scenery is sometimes simply breathtaking.

We make our way steadily down to the Burgundy area through some beautiful countryside at a relaxed and enjoyable pace staying right in the heart of the Burgundy capital, in a fabulous hotel ideally situated as a central point. Even the bike has its own garage parking for extra comfort. From here you can walk into town, eat in, eat out, visit places on foot, or by bike all in a most relaxed setting.

There are several trips we offer including the historical mustard factory (well we are near Dijon) a huge historical Almes house with fantastic architecture, and the museum of wine. We include a wine tasting course so that you can get the very best from tasting anywhere you visit, and a couple of very specific cellar tours where more than 3 million bottles of wine stored. 


There are plenty of places and routes to ride, and we are always available to give more information on these. Naturally, you can always choose the option of relaxing in the sumptuous hotel or relaxing walks around town in the day or evening where you can shop, coffee or dine to your heart's content.

This is a tour where you can ride the bike, go for walks, join us on trips, learn about the wines and area, sit and relax, or a combination to suit your own preference. We are always on hand to make sure you enjoy this tour as much as we do.


For the detailed itinerary CONTACT US  

Couple: price per person £2490

Solo sharing: per person £2790

Solo own room: per person £3840

Call 07908 906022/3 or email ride@blueyondertours.co.uk for more information or to book

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