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Why should I come on a Blue Yonder Tour?

A Blue Yonder Tour is the ideal way to experience the enjoyment of luxury motorcycle touring without all the hassles and arrangements. We remove the issues and concerns by doing the work beforehand, visiting the places, checking suitability for both bikes and riders,  and our experienced staff are there with you on tour. All the trip details are sent out well before departure with routes, destinations and essential travel information.

It's a great way to make new like-minded friends who have a shared interest. You can engage with others on the tour, or do your own thing with the knowledge of our back up and care. We visit some really beautiful places that you may not have come upon before, and all done in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere.

What kind of bike do I need?

Any bike needs the ability to carry you, your pillion and its full luggage capacity comfortably in hot or cold conditions. It needs to be fully road legal, and well maintained, with servicing and tyres able to complete your trip safely. The type of bike ie, sports, touring, adventure, is irrelevant as long as you are comfortable riding reasonable distances.

Are the days riding long and hard?

No, we break each day down into manageable sections, stopping for refreshments, comfort breaks, refuelling, places of interest and leg stretching. Depending on the type of riding, the distance and time can be altered accordingly to maintain preferred stops.

How many others will be on each tour?

This varies with each trip, but we like to keep the maximum group size down to smaller numbers. These may be solo riders or rider and pillion, which again alters the number of people on tour. There are usually ladies with us on tour, sometimes as the rider, sometimes as pillion, which makes for a nice balanced atmosphere.

I have concerns about the riding

The riding is all on road and within the speed limits no matter what country we are in. There is no need to keep up with anyone and you can ride with others if you are happy, or set your own route and pace without any pressure. It is not a race and we actively encourage riding safely and sensibly.

Any rider contemplating a tour is welcome to join us in Devon for a ride out beforehand so that you can acclimatise and get a fuller understanding of the riding type, and on a one to one basis. If you have any questions just give us a call.

What clothing is it best to take?

For the motorcycle riding side, we recommend protective gear for both warm and cooler times, ideally able to be waterproof in case of rain. You can easily peel off some layers at any of the regular stops, so always best to come prepared. 


For evenings and off the bike days it is normal holiday wear for the place and time of year. It's best to bring some smart casual clothing for meals out, as our tours can include some fine dining occasions. Many of our hotels have laundry facilities so you can pack that little bit lighter.

Are there any other specific requirements?

You do need motorcycle breakdown cover for each country in the tour, although Europe covers most of our tours. Personal travel insurance is required and we highly recommends the EHIC European Health Insurance cCard which is easily available. It is possible that some tours may pass through cities requiring an air certification sticker, which is worth you checking beforehand, and these only cost a few Euros to obtain.


All bikes need a Sat Nav or similar device, which can hold the destination details, and various routes etc. Mobile phones are needed in case of emergency and these need to be set for use abroad.

What is included in the price?

All accommodation costs are included which unless stated include a lovely breakfast, and again unless stated the evening meal. Depending on the tour, Ferry or Tunnel crossings are included, as are any specific transfers designated as part of the trip. Any specific trips, outings and tours that are pre-arranged by ourselves are also covered.

What is not included in the price?

Any food, drink or refreshments as part of the regular stops or outside of breakfast and main evening meals. Drinks with the meals are not included. Fuel and any other bike related running costs are not covered in the price.